Chapter 1: Why We Fight

Why do we need resistance movements?

In a nutshell: An introduction to the entire book and its purpose: we live in a world beset by serious crises of justice and ecology, but the traditional left and progressive movements have been whittled down to a few ineffective tactics; we need a resistance movement if we want to achieve any lasting justice and to save our planet.

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Movements and groups in this chapter:

Featured: Grassy Narrows (Asabiinyashkosiwagong Nitam-Anishinaabeg). Mentioned: Liberal Environmentalism, Summit Protests, Community Gardens, Unions, Militant Conservation Groups, Nestlé Boycott, Indigenous Resistance (numerous examples), Save Our Prison Farms, Slavery Abolition, Arab Spring, The Occupy Movement, Idle No More, Mau Mau, Ken Saro-Wiwa / Niger Delta Resistance, White Rose Society, German Communist Party (1930s), Anti-Nazi Resistance, Civil Rights, Ontario Coalition Against Poverty, Suffragists.