Chapter 4: Recruitment & Training

How and why do people join movements, and how can we encourage them?

In a nutshell: Resistance movements are made out of people; to win they must constantly recruit new people, while strengthening communities of resistance and developing the skills of existing members.

In this chapter: 
Coalition for a Free South Africa – An anti-Apartheid divestment group finds their active support dwindling—until they decide to try something new and more confrontational. (p. 137) Histories or case studies
The Making of a Radical – How do people become activists, rebels, or revolutionaries? Part of the answer is a radical triad of personal experiences, radical catalysts, and action needs. (p. 140)
Effective Recruitment – Specific tips and suggestions for better recruitment. (p. 153) Checklists or practical skills
The Freedom Summer – A voter registration drive during the Civil Rights movements gives further insight into what makes people join and stay in movements. (p. 165) Histories or case studies
The PAIGC and Amílcar Cabral – A successful anti-colonial revolution in Guinea and Cape Verde offers a model to integrate recruitment, political analysis, community organizing, and resistance strategy. (p. 167) Histories or case studies
Train & Retain – Recruitment is only the first step; groups and movements also have to help new people develop skills, and create an environment that makes new people want to stay involved; practical suggestions are offered. (p. 173) Checklists or practical skills

Movements and groups in this chapter:

Featured: Coalition for a Free South Africa (CFSA), African Party for the Independence of Guinea and Cape Verde (the PAIGC). Discussed: 1960s Student Radicals, Anti-Nazi Resistance in Occupied Europe, Black Panther Party, Anarchist Black Cross, Anti-Globalization Movement, Dutch Anti-Cruise Missile Movement. Mentioned: Spanish Anti-Fascism, George Jackson Brigade, Arab Spring, Occupy Movement, Black Lives Matter, Latin American Guerrillas, Industrial Workers of the World, Civil Rights, Freedom Rides, Vietnam Anti-War Movement, Women’s Liberation, American Indian Movement, Gay Rights, Deacons for Defense.