Download a PDF quick-reference guide to the book.

A Full Spectrum Resistance discussion guide for reading and action groups. It includes discussion questions for each chapter of the book, as well as prompts and exercises specifically for activists who are working on a campaign.

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Movement Security Tools

This poster summarizes key ways that social movements defend themselves from police and state repression.

You can view and download the poster as a PDF. Read Chapter 6 of Full Spectrum Resistance to learn how these tools have been used (or misused) by groups like the African National Congress, the Black Panther Party, and the Weather Underground—as well as more recent examples like the Green Scare.

(Français à suivre) I’m very excited that both volumes of Full Spectrum Resistance
will soon be available in French from Éditions Libre! They will be published in
France and also available in Quebec and around the world.

The great French podcast Floraisons also did an
excellent series on Full Spectrum Resistance, discussing key ideas and
translating important passages; you can listen and read on their website:

Je suis très heureux que les deux volumes de
Full Spectrum Resistance soient bientôt disponibles en français aux Éditions
Libre! Ils seront publiés en France et également disponibles au Québec et dans
le monde.

Le grand podcast français Floraisons a également
fait une excellente série sur Full Spectrum Resistance, discutant des idées
clés et traduisant des passages importants; vous pouvez écouter et lire sur
leur site internet:

Direct Action Works

A legal handbook for civil disobedience and nonviolent direct action in Canada

Download at: